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A few words about me...

>Im a 22 Year old Engineer and a Proud Kannadiga. I live in Bengaluru, India.

>I believe in Innovation.

>I Love the people Around me - they're the ones who shape me for what I'm ♥.

>Subjects that Interested me in college days {now i'm in a corporate job} are - Physics, chemistry, biology in general & wireless systems, robotics, programming in specific.

>'Technology' that is friendly to the environment always catches my attention.

>Almost all the projects I do, and things I've learnt from it is an absolute consequence of my personal interests and the academics also inspired me. :P

>The - 'Heart' icon that I use in all of my projects is dedicated to a very special person in my life ♥ :)

Alright now, thank you for being here! Have a great time! :)